#COVIDiary April 22

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the world into a new normal– within the changed state of things there are mandates in some states to shelter in place, business operations have been reduced, people have lost their jobs and the university; academia broadly has come to standstill. “The virus moved freely, Arundhati Roy writes, “along pathways of trade and international capital locking humans in their countries, cities and homes.”

In spite of the disruptions wrought by the global pandemic, a semblance of the everyday remains.

Those who have children or elderly to care for have had to modify their routines and still find ways to achieve safety while committing to the responsibilities brought forth by the demands of life.

People with no caregiving encumbrances still must grapple with  prolonged periods of solitude which affects emotional health.

In every household, the coronavirus has changed the way the world connects as well as how individuals reach out to each other.

And sadly the most devastating element of the crisis is how many people we have already lost.



image: “Children viewing Globe of the World display, Hall of Earth History” 1969, NY Photographer: Alex J. Rota

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