Photo Essay: Protests of 2020 #BlackLivesMatter

The video of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police broke my heart–I have lost a lot of faith. This is what life is in a world filled with social disorder and widespread oppression. It is a new challenge to survival. So I work through the commitments expected of me as a phd student while trying to manage my sadness.

I am re-reading James Baldwin to fully capture this moment.

My words to a concerned friend:

It is tough. Quite miserable in fact. Chastity (my daughter who is a rising junior in college) and her friends A and M(also rising juniors in college) protested on Saturday and Sunday on Sunday when they reached the Haymarket they got tear gassed and hit with rubber bullets. They ran in all directions but two of Chastity’s male friends (both black) were hit with rubber bullets- one in the head the other in the foot.
Chass came home in tears and is keeping even more to herself but following the protests closely.

I advised she lay low for a while. –this happened in Lincoln, NE on May 31, 2020


Photo May 30, 3 37 31 PM

Photo May 29, 8 58 42 AM

Photo May 31, 8 18 30 AM
old remnant of slavery in Fayetteville, 40 miles of my hometown of Laurinburg, NC.
Photo May 29, 2 24 27 PM
reading more Baldwin
Photo May 29, 5 07 51 PM
look of contemplation and uncertainty.  Me in this time of crisis.

Photo May 30, 8 38 58 PM

Photo Jun 01, 8 14 21 AM
Chantilly, VA. Sent to my sister from our family friend Professor Emeritus Wilma King.

Photo May 30, 10 07 16 PM

Photo Jun 01, 6 29 51 PM
Solidarity from Syria
Photo Jun 02, 10 11 28 PM
George Floyd and his daughter Gianna Floyd, in happier times.
We will never forget you.