Recap: The celebratory isolation after passing Qualifying Exams (9/18/2019)

This was me the day that I passed qualifying exams(9/18/19). The event was preceded by 12 months of reading 250 books on the history of the United States in the nineteenth century with a special emphasis on slavery and capitalism(hence my close association with supporters Ed Baptist and Calvin Schermerhorn both brilliant historians who have written field-reshaping works on the topic).

An Historical Geographer Reviews @fotmproject #dh #HGIS #slaveryarchive

Upon visiting the site I am impressed by its design. It is not cluttered or busy and the layout lends itself to the subject at hand in a manner that signals the gravity of the content contained. A difficult balance for projects dealing with traumatic records. Very nicely done.

Conference: Primitive Accumulation @IISG_Amsterdam

We had traveled from many different time zones across the Americas as well as the far reaches of the eastern hemisphere yet despite the attendant jet lag that accompanies those long haul flights we endured, the conference proceedings, Toward a Global History of Primitive Accumulation, held at the International institute for Social History was surely worth … Continue reading Conference: Primitive Accumulation @IISG_Amsterdam