Notes on Exuberance- #Dance

BackForth from Christy on Vimeo. In some religions dance is integral to attaining a higher level of consciousness. Dancing is transformative. It is the release of feeling, the engagement with sound, the perception of tones acting on the body. I am dancing here because I am happy. The semester is done. Commitments are fulfilled and … Continue reading Notes on Exuberance- #Dance

Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford and Genteel Poverty- Victorian Musings

The Benthamites Manage the Poor: The New Poor Law              The New Poor law of 1834 “represented a Malthusian challenge to the eighteenth-century policy of providing allowances to men whose earnings were insufficient to support their families.”[1] The old poor law had been based on the notion that the state should give working fathers a … Continue reading Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford and Genteel Poverty- Victorian Musings

July 2017 in the Great Dismal Swamp

I was accompanied by Fred Wurster, hydrologist with the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Suffolk, VA. It was early July and although there was a faint wind, once we entered the thick brush of the swamp, the biting flies began to attack us. Fred, being a kind person, lent me his bug coat … Continue reading July 2017 in the Great Dismal Swamp


This was my first OAH and I'd always heard great things about this conference gathering. I was fortunate enough to have two panels accepted and I was able to present on one ("Forms of Freedom") as graduate students can only be on one panel at a time per meeting. I saw many historians receive awards … Continue reading #OAH18


With a colleague at Leeds Beckett University and a local historian the Lord Mayor of Leeds hosted us today at Leeds Civic Hall where we discussed ways to commemorate the life of abolitionist George D. Thompson. Thompson was the amanuensis for Moses Grandy's narrative of enslavement. Thompson's antislavery work is important to my dissertation research. … Continue reading #Leeds