Slave Narrative Set in the Great Dismal Swamp Now Available on Audiobook: Moses Grandy’s Life

For Moses Grandy, his end in telling his story of enslavement was to reveal the horrors of slavery as he experienced it as well as use the proceeds of the sale of his book to purchase his enslaved children’s freedom who had been sold further south into Louisiana from the Virginia/North Carolina border.

D3.js and Leaflet.js for Web Mapping

The rapid increase in innovation within web mapping technology has provided users with an array of choices for mapping geographic information for data visualization. Web GIS is a “combination of the web and GIS using web technologies such as Hyptertext Transfer Protocol, Hypertext Markup Language, Uniform Resource Locator, Javascript, Web Graphics and more.”[1] Indeed, the … Continue reading D3.js and Leaflet.js for Web Mapping

#Quarantine Diary #SociallyDistant Christy March 17, 2020

COVID-19 DIARY March 17, 2020 Christy Hyman Occupation: PhD Student in Historical Geography at the University of Nebraska Lincoln Mother of two children, 20 year old college sophomore Chastity, and 14 year old 8th grader Ricky Day 2 Woke up at about 8:30am after a strange dream. This time the dream was set in my … Continue reading #Quarantine Diary #SociallyDistant Christy March 17, 2020

Black Love Black Futures #RECAP in Photos #BHM

Many of you are aware that my daughter Chastity Hyman sophomore B.FA art student living, working and loving here in Lincoln, Nebraska. Followers of my blog are aware that I commissioned her to do a depiction of former enslaved canal laborer Moses Grandy last summer.

Recap: The celebratory isolation after passing Qualifying Exams (9/18/2019)

This was me the day that I passed qualifying exams(9/18/19). The event was preceded by 12 months of reading 250 books on the history of the United States in the nineteenth century with a special emphasis on slavery and capitalism(hence my close association with supporters Ed Baptist and Calvin Schermerhorn both brilliant historians who have written field-reshaping works on the topic).