Upendo Rising: On Gratitude— #NewYearsDay

***Upendo means love in Swahili The above picture was taken on December 26, 2020 when I was doing some winterbirding on Mattamuskeet Lake, Hyde County, North Carolina. Birding is something that I have recently come into as I navigated my grief journey. Birding makes me happy because my son loved birds very much. His favorites … Continue reading Upendo Rising: On Gratitude— #NewYearsDay

Grieving in the Time of the Pandemic- How Cyber-organizing Can Help Communities of Grievers| Grief Support Protocols

Hold space. Holding space means be with the griever in a nonjudgmental way. Be there but do not push, listen, and make statements that show your support. Avoid the wording “I understand” unless you have suffered the same loss. Try to say “I am so sorry you are going through this and I am here to help you with what you need.”

Punitive Landscape: Geographies of Escape and Concealment

This essay assesses relevant sources in the account of Ann Clarke’s escape from slavery with a view to examining how the political landscape of the Kansas Territory impeded or facilitated her escape. In identifying the zones of containment, concealment, and wayfinding this paper will illuminate how enslaved freedom seekers and their abolitionist allies circumvented the punitive landscape of Kansas Territory.

#Geography and Institutional Barriers: GEO’s Elimination at Harvard-1948

The publication of “Academic War Over the Field of Geography” by Neil Smith sent shock waves through the discipline of geography’s academic community. Smith’s purpose in writing the piece was to begin a conversation about the state of geography through reclaiming the history of the Harvard debacle.

Slave Narrative Set in the Great Dismal Swamp Now Available on Audiobook: Moses Grandy’s Life

For Moses Grandy, his end in telling his story of enslavement was to reveal the horrors of slavery as he experienced it as well as use the proceeds of the sale of his book to purchase his enslaved children’s freedom who had been sold further south into Louisiana from the Virginia/North Carolina border.